The rumor is known that both chocolate and sugar can leave dogs blind. Well, it is not only toxic for the dog but also for the cat . The consumption of the cocoa itself can cause digestive, cardiac and nervous problems, and can end everything with a sad ending. If taken in large quantities, it can be accompanied by gastric ulcers, vomiting and diarrhea, being the beginning of more problems in our pet.

That is why we think that perhaps it does not do anything to it and more so at certain times of the year, being birthdays, Easter or Christmas, when humans eat a large amount of sugar or chocolate and leave it unattended.

Going by parts, in relation to sugar: it makes the animal more predisposed to obesity and especially to diabetes.

How can we find out when our dog has the first signs of diabetes?

Well, we can see how a bilateral cataract begins to develop (his eyes acquiring an opaque whitish layer) which will mean a decrease in his sight. Other symptoms that you may notice are the desire to drink without stopping, bulimia or urinating without being able to hold back.

So, sugary treats, candies, crackers or sweets, ice cream, tarts, cakes… PROHIBITED for your pet. If you do not give him anything with sugars throughout his growth, the smell of sugary foods will not tell him anything once he is an adult.

The “good” part is that the cat tends to have less of a sweet tooth than the dog, since it has fewer taste buds and is therefore more selective than the dog. The cat can select between four tastes: Bitter, Salty, Sweet and Acid. It has all very developed except for the taste of sweet, lacking taste buds sensitive to that flavor. But if you feel attracted, it will be because there will be added ingredients, which you can appreciate and feel like trying.

What to do when a dog has eaten a chocolate bar?

Make him drink salt water or hydrogen peroxide diluted in water, to make him vomit, thus getting him to expel as much as possible of what he ingested. And most importantly, go quickly to your vet, with the type of chocolate or biscuit that you have eaten with the ingredients (so you know the percentage of chocolate). As it is a very slow elimination from your body, it is most likely that it will remain under veterinary surveillance and in intensive care for 24 hours. The purer the cocoa you eat, the worse!

So pay attention #petlovers are very dangerous foods for your pet, and we recommend that you do not give any of them to your pet and, if you feel like cooking, cook them from the recipes that we are publishing on our blog, where you will find good homemade treats for your health. Also if you are not one of those who is in the kitchen, nothing happens, we also give you a solution with the prizes that we will have in our store (all natural) soon.

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