With all of you and after spring has started, we make the official presentation of the spring-summer 2016 catalogue .

In it you can find designs that transmit color, joy, fun, tradition, etc. All this in accessories for your pet, because who said that they always have to go with the classic boring nylon collars.

Rebellion of the furry ones of the house, they are looking for a new style , that gives them that carefree touch and with which they can show off their mood with their walks!

For those of you who don’t know us, we are a brand that makes all our products in Mallorca , our beautiful island, and part of our Mallorca collection, based on Mallorcan fabrics (in turn made by hand) we have launched collections that will vary with the seasons.

This spring-summer collection, in the catalog you will see that we have based ourselves on things from the island, to use that design, so that each peludete has a little piece of Mallorca during their walks.

The famous harnesses, which you have asked us for so much, will soon be available and we will be able to take a photo. We also have a surprise that we will show you at the same time, this summer it’s time to renew our pets’ wardrobe!

Enjoy and select yours (to see it bigger double click and it will get bigger):


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