This week, as we are celebrating because we have launched the website with all products of the new season, and although we will be adding new features, we wanted our dogs to celebrate it with us, enjoying a treat that you can do youself at home.

It is a very simple and inexpensive, plus is a natural recipe also is a way to vary from what you usually give to your pet (dog).

Ingredients needed:

1 Sweet Potato


Olive oil

Steps to follow:

  1. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees
  2. Cut the sweet potatoes into pieces of at least one centimeter
  3. Sprinkle the slices with olive oil, to take on both sides of sweet potato
  4. Put the sweet potato pieces over the baking sheet (we suggest putting a pastry paper for not sticking)
  5. Put some cinnamon on top
  6. Bake for 2 hours and half to 3 hours.
  7. Wait until they are cool and place them in the refrigerator. If you put the treats in a taper could last up to 3 weeks or in freezer up to 4 months.
  8. Your dogs will enjoy this yummy treat!

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