September was a month of news, therefore wanted to go back to Mercado de Diseño to present our new developments and the new collection of Autumn-Winter 2015 .

After our experience in April in Madrid, we wanted to repeat and this time was even more enriching. We listened all your suggestions, making different sizes ( S 20-30cm ) and Greyhound and was a total success.

In addition to the Mallorca Collection we brought much more, bow ties , flowers (for dogs and cats) and new colors.

As the autumn was coming we wanted to bring the new collection, colorful and fun, also some sleeping bags for cats and dogs.

The new collection was a surprise as we had the same ” problem” in April, many humans  wanted to go as stylish as their dog sooo stay tuned!

We leave you a mini album of our experience from this fall and we hope to repeat soon!

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