As shown by the legislation you have the possibility of a refund of products bought within 14 calendar days from receipt.

What should I be aware of:


What products can not be returned?

As required by law products:

1. Personalized by the consumer or on the advice of the same.

2. The products liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly (food).

Moreover NO refunds gift vouchers are accepted.

The rest of items may be returned?

All items not personalized, may be returned within the time indicated with the appropriate packaging and in perfect condition. Otherwise, Tailor Tails may choose to refuse the return.

What if I have a defective product? What is considered defective?

Among the items Tailor Tails, will proceed to the return WITHOUT COST to the purchaser of all those products that are defective in sewing.

How we proceed to the return?

Email us at with RETURN + Order number and explaining the reason for the return. Or through our contact page, selecting this option.
In our response we will send you the instructions on how return the package within 14 days.
The transport company will contact you to collect the item and if a change of date and / or time is required,
there would be no problem. Once we have received the goods and checked that is in perfect condition, the refund will be processed.

Please let us know the reasons of the return if the reason is not defective products, to improve our service in the future.

Can I cancel an order?

There would be no problem to cancel the order (considering whether it will have maximum 12h personalized products to proceed to its cancellation), always before the product has been sent. Because once it is sent, the cancelation would not be possible. Although you can proceed to return, when you receive it, taking into account the previously discussed in the section returns.

Who bears the cost of return?

The buyer is the person who has the cost of return. However if the product is defective, Tailor Tails will get in charged of that cost.

When will I receive the amount of the returned product?

Once approved the return and once received the goods and checked that is in perfect condition, refund will be processed.
You will receive a second email stating that proceed to the payment of the amount within 14 days.

If I bought a product at a store, can I make directly contact the brand?

If you bought some of our products in one of the stores / distributors of the brand, contact them for a
refund, since we do not do direct return.