We are thrilled since we launched the Mallorca Collection catalog, where different products are available and you can also combine them.

The Mallorca Collection is permanent within the collections that we will showing through the seasons, as it is designed with our famous Majorcan fabrics (“fabric Llengos”).

For those who do not know which kind of fabric is, “Tongue fabric” are very traditional in Mallorca although its history dates back to 1800 in our Island and the design, 500AC is on record in the area of ​​Indonesia. This fabric is made with a technique called ikat and come from Asia through the Silk Road arrived in Europe and ended in Mallorca.

For more details in the catalog we explain more about it. This tradition, its colors, designs we wanted to preserve it and adapt them to our pets, and so they can “dress” products with a Majorcan history while international.

We hope you like the history of it apart from the designs to get a little present to your furry son!

Enjoy the catalog 🙂

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