In April we went to Mercado de Diseño which takes place at Matadero in Madrid. It was our first experience and everything went fantastic! I took my friend Alex to help me, and we really enjoyed.

There were many artisans and a terrific atmosphere. For those who do not know it, I’ll explain.

It is a market that is organized throughout the year, different events on weekends and offers the artisans to show their products and to be known, at this location. We were just starting but we did not want to miss the opportunity to show you our creations and spirit.

We brought the Mallorca collection, which was very successful, and we were given lots of ideas for new products. These fairs are fantastic because you get to know your furry clients and their parents, suggest you products and give you many ideas for future products.

We wanted to bring a bit of Mallorca to the capital, trying to expand the spirit of the brand, tradition, craftsmanship and the Mallorcan -Mediterranean design.

Our stand was very colorful and liked so much that humans without pets still approached and congratulated us for the job.

We want to thank you the organization for giving us, the artisans, this opportunity, as it is a great way of presenting the  designs, products and style as a showroom and to receive feedback insitu and that’s the most important.

We had many visitors and they were able to drink on one of our handmade bowls, with a Mallorcan design, that took Bimba’s mum for her. Also our visitors ate cookies from Miguitas (handmade cookies from Madrid).

We leave here a few photos of our visitors and our stand:

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