There are already two days left for the weekend with more atmosphere in Madrid.


That you don’t have plans yet? Matter solved then, because we propose a great plan for this weekend of May 7-8 . So now you can start making calls and messages to meet up.


If you are still a beginner in the Design Market , you will enjoy like a dwarf, why? Very simple, you have all kinds of entertainment: Concerts throughout the day, contests of the different artisans, Foodtrucks to eat different styles of food, beer, live music… You couldn’t ask for more!

That is why we encourage you to come and especially if you have a furry friend at home, what better excuse than to come and see us at our stand and try something on him/her, because he/she also deserves a new look for this season.

Our stand is 17, but we leave you the map here so you can locate yourself better, and above all you can browse what other artisans there are, that there are many little things to look at and sin, hehehe.

Plan Design Market May 2016

*Double click (on the photo) to see it full size so you can see the information correctly.

We have already been twice and the experience has been very positive, your visits and new ideas to do with our furry ones. So we are eager to see you again and see what you tell us again and hoping that you like the news we bring.

Here we leave you how our experience was last year, more or less on these dates.

This market, we collaborate with the Amanecer Animal association, to which we will donate 5% of our profits and what we obtain from the donations of your visits. We like to collaborate with local animal associations, so every time we move to other cities, we look for associations to help them in their work.

Amanecer Animal, is a tiny association, which tries to have a few furry ones, to dedicate all the time and affection necessary to help them in the transition to adoption.


What is the schedule?

There are two zones, the outside: 11:00-19:00 (Saturday) and Sunday 11:00-17:00

Inside 11:00-22:00 both days.

We wait for you!




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