What is canicross?

It is a sports discipline that consists of running while you go  tied  to your dog. The idea is that the dog helps the runner. This discipline is usually done in the mountains or on dirt circuits, hence  the name canicross comes out.

Where does it come from? What is its origin?

In Europe, canicross is part of the mushing category, better known for dog sledding. A decade ago, canicross events began to be organized, even holding European championships.

In Spain in 2004 they wanted to launch canicross and thanks to the success and  to those who believed in this sport, in 2005 it was possible to celebrate the First Canicross of Catalonia and many other competitions have followed.

Can I practice it or do I need something in particular?

There are two basic questions, do you like nature? and do you have a dog? As we have indicated before, it is a sport that takes place in the mountains or on dirt tracks, so if the previous questions have been a YES & YES, this is your sport!
It is the best combination of nature, sport and time with your pet, what more could you ask for? It’s your moment!

Can all dogs do this type of sport?

It is the good thing that it has, that there are no restrictions, everyone can enjoy with your dogs. Obviously if the dog is of a medium-large breed, it will have more strength to pull us.

BUT before jump into it, TALK TO YOUR VETERINARY to see what he/she advises you, since you cannot do it without knowing how the joints of your dog are or if you have to do a previous training… 

In competition, it is only required to be fit and the dog needs to be at least one year old, in addition to being federated and having civil liability insurance for the dog.

What equipment do I need?

As you can see, a harness for the dog is necessary that is comfortable and a canicross belt for us, which normally has a reinforcement in the lumbar part for when it pulls forward.
In addition, the connection between the two will be necessary, a shooting line with a buffer for the shots that the dog can make.

What is scootering?

Well, it is another sport that we can enjoy with our dog, but instead of running we go tied with him/her but on a scooter. The system is similar but instead of being tied you are with the bike-scooter. The dog pulls and with your foot you can help to pick up speed.

Where can you practice?

As is logical, it needs to be in an area that is minimally flat, since with stones we could overturn and both the dog and we could hurt ourselves. It can be on dirt tracks or on paved roads.

That what you like is the bike, no problem there is also another option:  bikejoring

What is bikejoring?

As the name indicates, it is a sport that is done with the bike, and it is very similar to scootering, but the exercise is done with a bike.

The idea of all these sports is that we can enjoy nature with our dog while we both play sports .
In this article we leave you different ways so there are no excuses!
Try not to do it when it is very hot, more than 20 degrees, since it is a very powerful exercise for the dog and it can become dehydrated. So they are ideal sports to practice in autumn, winter and spring! And in summer also if the temperature does not rise too much.
We hope that the sports dog community joins these sports and grows that connection with nature and the pet.

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