A few weeks ago we went to Madrid, and we had the bad luck that the weather was not on our side and as soon as we landed they canceled the event. Matadero was left with an empty exterior, but that does not mean that there was no great plan, all the great fun was focused on the interior, where the creators were lucky enough to be able to exhibit their novelties. We take advantage of our trip to get material. We will return to Madrid in a few months, we will keep you informed of the month and place, we really want to return to the capital with all our news. But, as we like to move around and we want you all to know us, this time we have moved to another city on the peninsula, Valencia, together with Palo Alto Festival . PaloAltoFestival When is the market? On May 27-28-29 Where? Nursery Gardens What will I find if I go? Well first tell you that you can not miss this great plan, why?
  1. It’s going to be lonely
  2. You will find many handmade products, made in Spain, ideal for gifts
  3. Innovative brands, which will be announced
  4. In addition to activities for the youngest and oldest, with concerts, workshops, theater, DJ and much more.
  5. Places to try new flavors and gastronomic styles
palo-market-fest-valencia-2-210x300 And what are your hours? You will find us: May 27: 18:00-24:00 May 28: 12:00-24:00 May 29: 12:00-20:00 We are happy to have been selected to participate and thus be able to show you the new collection as well as other things, thanks to this opportunity. We like these markets, which are different, creative, original, with a touch of madness, where you are going to have a great time, because there are several environments where you can enjoy. A possibility to go with friends, family, partner, with furry and non-furry children to discover this new world that will be this long weekend. We look forward to your visit and these previous days we will show you some of the things you will find. Until then, prepare energy, enthusiasm and lots of fun!

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