Tailor Tails is linked to the world of solidarity either with their pets or the artisans projects. Here are some of the projects:

  • Giving pets profiles diffusion seeking their permanent home, as campaign models with our products.
  • Among the charity projects, Tailor Tails collects products that no longer serve their purpose and giving them a second chance with a new functionality for shelters. Helping the work of animals associations and the awaiting pets adoption, is more pleasant.
  • We also want to do our bit, helping with part of our profits (5%) to the work of associations and animal protection.
  • Our Adopt Pets project will be kept alive for this section, giving information about dogs and cats that look for their finally home.
  • Apart from the furry world, in our adventure of looking for new locations and new artisan, we want to collaborate with associations of artisans from where we make products (or part of it)to prevent this handcraftship to disappear.
  • Some of our campaign models are dogs looking for their home. We like to help in what we can to keep their profiles seen in the different platforms.