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Madrid, we meet again!

And two days left for the weekend with more atmosphere in Madrid.   You still don’t have plans? That’s solved then, because we propose an amazing plan for this weekend. So you can start making calls and messages to a hangout with your friends.   If its your first time in Mercado de Diseño, enjoy as little boy, […]

Sweet potatoes treats

This week, as we are celebrating because we have launched the website with all products of the new season, and although we will be adding new features, we wanted our dogs to celebrate it with us, enjoying a treat that you can do youself at home. It is a very simple and inexpensive, plus is a natural […]

Christmas Markets 2015

Christmas is near and also the atmosphere, you can breathe the Christmas spirit therefore we wanted to be present in different markets so that pets also have their Christmas presents. As you will see in this video that we love, they also ask to Santa their wishes, for many it is a little detail and for some […]

New brand in Mercado de Diseño

In April we went to Mercado de Diseño which takes place at Matadero in Madrid. It was our first experience and everything went fantastic! I took my friend Alex to help me, and we really enjoyed. There were many artisans and a terrific atmosphere. For those who do not know it, I’ll explain. It is a market […]

Releasing a new catalog: Mallorca Collection

We are thrilled since we launched the Mallorca Collection catalog, where different products are available and you can also combine them. The Mallorca Collection is permanent within the collections that we will showing through the seasons, as it is designed with our famous Majorcan fabrics (“fabric Llengos”). For those who do not know which kind of fabric […]